Incorporates Psychodynamic Therapy Supervision and College Case Review.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy comprises a special set of skills that facilitate understanding your patients, by being able to respond to unconscious and preconscious motivators for their behaviour. It is not an exclusive modality and integrates well with cognitive behavioural interventions, by complementing the patient analysis process.

I provide Psychotherapy Supervision to all allied health and medical practitioners, and Psychotherapy Case Report Reviews to Australian and New Zealand psychiatry trainees.

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As a psychotherapy supervisor, I underwent accreditation with the Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators (now incorporated into  PACFA). I’m trained specifically in psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is what my Masters in Psychiatry (Institute of Psychiatry, Sydney) was based on. Over the last ten years I have trained social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, registrars, consultants and general practitioners regarding psychodynamic psychotherapy. The models that I use are best described as eclectic, nor is anything that I have unique, as I have been careful to select only evidence based interventions to base my teaching on. What this means is I have nothing new to offer, only the things that work.

Case supervision is provided on an individual online basis, with interaction via Skype. Email to arrange these.


Secondly, as a college case supervisor and educator with PsychScene, I have been repeatedly asked for assistance with reviewing cases by registrars sitting the FRANZCP exams. I’m happy to now offer this service, which will comprise two reviews of your case together with two videoconferencing sessions to help you pass your case first go.

If you are looking for more information regarding writing your psychotherapy case, have a look at my videos on PsychScene.

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“Neil is an engaging and passionate presenter. I highly recommend him as a teacher and he has unique strengths in his understanding of psychotherapeutic approaches.” – Dr Sanil Rege, PsychScene

“Thank you Dr. Neil for providing me supervision on ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’ during my basic psychiatry training. It has been a very interesting and valuable experience for me; particularly your teaching sessions helped me to understand the basics. I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me in my future career.” – Dr Shilpa G, Advanced Psychiatry Trainee

’Thank you Dr Jeyasingam for your valuable feedback in relation to college case review. It has been extremely helpful in passing the case in first attempt. Highly recommended. – MP’

‘Since beginning supervision with Neil I have been able to deepen the therapeutic experience and drive positive change for clients, even in the most complex of cases. His expertise on psychodynamic therapy has enriched my clinical confidence and my learnings will be applicable across my entire career.’ – Brandon Scherrer, Psychologist.

“I learnt so much from our group psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Neil. The groups are highly collaborative and informative, and the group setting allows different trainees to share ideas, perspectives, and their own experiences in new psychodynamic psychotherapy roles. Neil is an amazing supervisor who is committed to teaching and dedicated to patient care. I gained a deeper understanding of psychotherapy and even other areas of psychiatry from his sessions, and felt highly supported while learning about a new field. Neil and his sessions have inspired me to learn more about psychodynamic psychotherapy, and I’ve continued to apply the skills learnt from our sessions within my every day clinical practice. – Dr Natalie Seiler, Psychiatric Registrar