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Profectus is a Latin word meaning "Growth", which is what ties together all the services we offer. Take your time to browse and see what we can do for you. When I was a training psychiatrist the stigma of mental illness was still very strong, but it is heartening to see how much things have improved and continue to improve. Increasingly, patients are obtaining treatment and finding that suffering previously taken for granted is simply not necessary. If there's something I can do to help you, please let me know.


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Psychiatry assessments

I am happy to work with yourself and your general practitioner in order to help resolve your mental health issues. The majority of general adult and old age psychiatric presentations are within my skillset, but there are certain additional specialised

Psychotherapy Supervision

Incorporates Psychodynamic Therapy Supervision and College Case Review. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy comprises a special set of skills that facilitate understanding your patients, by being able to respond to unconscious and preconscious motivators for their behaviour. It is not an exclusive modality


For something a bit different: The Cat Boy A bush poem about a bush patient. Published by the Australian Bush Poet’s Association. The End: A short story about the end of the world. Commended by the KSP Writer’s Centre Short

Mental Health Resources

The Internet is rife with well-intentioned mental health advice, supposed resources, and many, many pitfalls. Much of the difficulty is the reality of psychiatry, in that the lack of objective evidence regarding psychiatric illness (save treatment responses and, in some